Over time, the Cappadocia region has been renamed with the names of many different states, communities and important people. Cappadocia Region BC Assyrian trade colonies lived in the 3000s and have a great history going back to the Hittites. It is possible to examine this region which has a great history in three main periods. The first part consists of three main parts: Paleolithic, Neolithic and Ancient. The second period consists of the Roman and Byzantine periods and the last period consists of the Turkish period.
Cappadocia is one of Turkey’s most important tourism cities that introduced to the world. In addition, the name is written in Persian language Katpatuka, “Land of Beautiful Horses” takes. Cappadocia was formed by the abrasion of wind and soft layers of lava and ashes formed by the mountains in the region millions of years ago and has taken its current form in time. Cappadocia is a miracle of nature.

It has been fed from the interaction of history and culture from past to present. With volcanic valleys and fairy chimneys, Cappadocia is always ready to fascinate you. One of the best ways of watching this magnificent geography is the hot air balloons in the region. Touring with balloons is the most beautiful activity that will allow you to watch the magnificent view of Cappadocia as you move between fairy chimneys, valleys and rock houses during sunrise. Touring the area with balloons will also allow you to take great pictures and immortalize your memories.

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